The Team

We have a small team of brilliant and dedicated people. Without the support of our friendly, earnest and hard working team we would not be able to achieve nearly as much as we have done over the years and we could not wish for a better bunch! We are very lucky to have them!

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Keith Kensett 'Big Keith'

Director & Owner

Keith started the company in the 1970's with his father who learnt his trade as groundsman at Edgbaston Cricket Club. Keith's passion for the world of fine turf has led him to travel around the world, sourcing unique and innovative machinery to bring to the market. He is responsible for the discovery of the revolutionary Graden machines amongst others.

As an experienced groundsman and contractor himself, he knows exactly what is expected of groundsmen and the problems they face. As a result he also understands precisely what type of equipment is required to attain the standards they strive to achieve.

His wide experience in the field, along with his close working relationship with the Australian Graden manufacturer has led him to consultancy work for prestigious clubs and federations around the world.

In his spare time Keith loves to relax by spending time with his family and two dogs. He enjoys watching the popular US sitcom Fraser, as well as the old favourites from Only Fools and Horses. He might not admit it but he is partial to a bit of Stargate and Star Trek too. 'Live long and prosper!!!'

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Jane Kensett

Director & Owner

As co-director of R & K Kensett and the old motto 'behind every good man is an even stronger woman' could never have been truer. From an operational standpoint, Jane's hardworking, thorough nature and passion for the business leaves no stone unturned. Where Keith's weaknesses lie, Jane's strengths prevail.

Jane is a key cog in the R & K Kensett machine although the days of her Monday to Friday, 9 to 5'ing may be over, her influence and logical decision making does not wane.

When not working on R & K Kensett business, Jane can be found at the latest Latin dance craze class 'Zumba' or spending time with her close knit group of friends. Jane's self confessed favourite place in the world is Daymer Bay in Cornwall which has a special place in her heart.

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Jane Parsons 'Jane2'

Office Manager

Jane is known as Jane2 or JP to avoid confusion with the other Jane. As the office manager it is Jane's responsibility to ensure the smooth running of our dealings with our customers.

As well as dealing with every aspect of the business from shipping exports and imports, to arranging exhibitions, Jane is the voice of R&K Kensett. She will be on the other end of the phone if you are ringing up for an order, an enquiry or just a bit of advice. Her likability and skill in relationship building with customers big and small, coupled with her hard work through the mountains of paperwork and her comprehensive knowledge of the machinery parts, make Jane 2 an invaluable R & K Kensett employee.

When she isn't at work, Jane can be found driving around her super-fast, super-cool Nissan Skyline GTS! Jane is passionate about our industry and included with her undoubted skills her enthusiasm is what we love the most!

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Ann Gunter


Ann is our lovely bubbly book-keeper and maintains the payroll and accounts system, making sure everyone gets paid on time! She enjoys getting the best foreign exchange rates for our imports and helping Jane 2 with the vast stock take!

Ann has been with us since 2008 and despite working only part time, she is a highly valued member of the team. Her attention to detail is second to none. When she's not working, she is out being a social butterfly, playing tennis or walking her little dog, Maisie.

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Keith Driver 'Little Keith'

Contracts Manager

Little Keith as he is affectionately known is one of the longest serving (suffering) members of the team. Keith came to R & K with substantial knowledge and experience as a greenkeeper which he has used and built upon since he joined us.

As Contracts Manager, Keith has developed his role with us into what it is today. His attention to detail and care for our regular contracts in bowls and cricket are what naturally led him to this position within the firm. Keith is brilliantly well organised and efficient, with a sharp sense of humour which undoubtedly endears him to the customers at our regular clubs.

Keith is always at work because he just loves it! But on a rare day off, Keith spends time with his family and his pack of Springer Spaniels. His wife Jan even enters their dogs into the prestigious world renowned competition - Krufts.

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John Fitzpatrick

UK & European Sales Demonstrator & Contractor

John has developed his own role within R & K Kensett and is the man responsible for bringing our range of machines to the masses. John's industry knowledge, coupled with his ability to communicate with honesty, integrity and good humour make him the perfect man to demonstrate our machines.

A likeable character, John's sense of humour and infectious belly laugh can be heard at golf greens throughout Europe and the UK.

John won't even leave his house without a crate full of weird and wonderful flavoured sandwiches and a flask of hot coffee or tea. When he is not at work John can be found in his beautiful garden with a beer in hand planning his next European trip!

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Steve Larbey

Maintenance Manager & Spraying Technician

The youngest member of the full time 'outdoor' crew, Steve's work ethic and expertise is unquestionable. Having previously worked as a head greenkeeper for a number of years, Steve has carved out a niche as the most qualified member of the team when it comes to all spraying work, which really adds value to the team.

In addition to this, Steve is more than proficient and experienced enough to manage his own maintenance contracts within the firm for both bowls and cricket.

There is more than meets the eye with Steve. Despite slaving it out through the rain sleet and snow at the crack of dawn with R & K Kensett, Steve manages to find time in the evening to study for his second passion which is Law.

When he is not at work or studying, he can be found winding down with his wife and kids.

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Joe Kensett

Part-Time Contractor

Joe, Keith Kensett's youngest son, works as a strength and conditioning coach for a top F1 team, but during busy periods he helps out with maintenance and renovation contracts for R & K Kensett. Joe's determination to please and affection for the rest of the team mean he is the 'go-to' man when we need extra man power.

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Richard Kensett

Marketing & Online Consultant

Richard, Keith Kensett's eldest son, is a qualified marketeer and is forging a career with an exhibition company in sales and marketing. Rich's interest in technology and his experience in marketing means his help is required on occasion to try and maximise the reach and potential of R & K Kensett's website and marketing efforts.